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Why buy a kaleidoscope from “Après la pluie”?



Are you an individual, a kaleidoscope enthusiast or a collector?​

As you probably know, a kaleidoscope makes a very attractive gift.It is very easy to offer, as it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality. It is a charming object, memorable and timeless, without being too personal. By definition, every kaleidoscope is unique, so even if the person you are giving it to already owns 6 of them, yours will be different. The kaleidoscopes we make will show your taste and refinement.



Do you have a business?

Do you wish to give an object which is distinctive, and will be remembered? For all the reasons above... Plus our kaleidoscopes can be customized.



Do you own a gift, games or home decorating shop, a gallery, a museum shop, a catalogue?

Why sell Après la pluie kaleidoscopes?

Selling this object is both easy and pleasurable. You will notice it yourself: every time someone looks into one of our kaleidoscopes, they smile.

Quality kaleidoscopes are hard to find. It would be surprising if your clients, or the people who have been offered one, did not come back to buy another one. It has been our experience for the last 35 years!


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