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The big kaleidoscopes


These big models (Ø 42 L 252 mm) are in brass with

a rotating chamber. They are available in two different formats:


Classical Elegant

In polished and lacquered brass, the images it creates are both graphic and subtly coloured, with half tones as well as shimmering and changing effects.


Stone Elegant 

It is using a technique fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries:

The reproduction of decorative stones. A brass tube (to imitate the cold and heavy feel of stone) is covered with several layers of dye, as for lacquer, then varnished. The brass ends are given a patina to match the antique aspect of the tube. 


We concentrate the ambient light and create bright dots in the image inside the kaleidoscope using small condensers, one of our discoveries. This plays with the orientation to the light.






Elégant Classique

Elégant Pierre

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