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Minis kaleidoscopes


The mini kaleidoscopes are one of our specialities. They require a great precision and include more than 20 little glass crystals. They are available in 3 different shapes:



The jewel kaleidoscope

It is a miniature kaleidoscope in golden brass, to be worn around the neck.


The incomparable

It is a small kaleidoscope (Ø 18 L 54 mm) in polished and lacquered brass, the size of a lipstick, with a rotating chamber.  It is a pocket sized model, compact and poetic.


The mini BL 

This is typically a collector's model, with its various precious woods, solid brass and fixed chamber. 


The discreet

It is noticeably bigger (Ø 25 L 125 mm), in polished and lacquered brass. Its rich nuances, varied forms and radical changes make it a much sought-after model.








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